The Moldovan Investment Agency (MIA) is the central administrative authority with the mission to enforce the national policies in the areas under its oversight and to contribute to the economic development and growth of the country by promoting exports.     

The following objectives and activities MIA follows in the pursuing the goal of supporting exporters: 

  • Enforcing the national programs and participating in the implementation of the national export promotion strategies;
  • Identifying the constraints in the export area and framing out recommendations for their resolution;
  • Acting for sectorial information about the opportunities for export, advertising the success stories;
  • Analyzing the external markets and delivering analytical information about the export opportunities to interested businessesi;
  • Supporting enterprises in their search for foreign partners and offering support in the selection of export markets;
  • Building upon the export capacities of the business community;
  • Promoting the export opportunities including the mediation of the relationships with the international organizations and associations regarding the export promotion;
  • Collaborating with Moldova’s diplomatic missions and the foreign diplomatic missions working in Moldova, and delivering them the necessary information in order to get the exports promoted;
  • Promoting the Moldova-made goods and services in foreign markets;
  • Holding workshops, training cources for domestic campaigns about enhancing their export possibilities;
  • Providing assistance to exporting companies in their search for partners in various markets, and in concluding lucrative contracts with them;
  • Attracting and implementing the projects and programs funded by our development partners and designed to promote Moldovan exports.

Activities which MIA may fund

The Moldovan Investment Agency takes part in providing financial support for the associative environment that is directly involved in export operations via the instruments stipulated by the country’s laws. Its financial contribution comes from the state budget, in the format of partial or full funding for activities:

  • Participation in international exhibitions and thematic fairs;
  • Participation in domestic and foreign study tours; 
  • Reimbursement of expenses related to the drafting of feasibility studies; 
  • Participation in international forums;
  • Organization of B2B meetings; 
  • Organization of public awareness campaigns and events designed to promote exports; 
  • Drafting the catalogs with sectorial investment profiles.


The Government of the Republic of Moldova has at its disposal a number of sources for business finance including export operations, with resources coming the the state budget and/or donations from the country’s development partners, via various instruments and partnerships. Also the funding program covers the associative environment with an export potential. 

Main areas to benefit

  • Agriculture
  • Light industry
  • Information and communication
  • Automotive
  • Electronics
  • Technology and research 
  • Energy

Funding programs and organizations 

The Government of the Republic of Moldova offers finance the agencies and organizations which are implementing the state’s policy in various economic fields, among them: 

  • Moldovan Investment Agency (MIA)
  • Agency for Interventions and Payments in Agriculture (AIPA)
  • Organization for Development of Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises (ODIMM)
  • Moldovan Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCI)
  • ICT Excellence Center (Tekwill)

Also Moldova’s economic development benefits from the support of international organizations and the governments of the partner countries: 

  • UN/Food and Agriculture Organization 
  • International Fund for Agriculture Development (IFAD)
  • European Union: EU4Business Initiative, Enterprise Competitiveness, COSME, HORIZON Program
  • World Bank: Competitiveness Improvement Project (PAC II)
  • EBRD: Business Advisory Services
  • EIB: Wine&Vine Restructuring Program
  • Japan Government: Proiectul 2KR
  • Sweden Government
  • US Government/USAID/Millennium Challenge Corporation: High Value Agriculture Project 
  • Germany Government/GIZ
  • Switzerland Government/HEKS
  • UK Government/UKAID

You will find more information about the funding available in Moldova here: